Quantum of Solace

Viewed – 11 November 2008  Cinema

Dodgy title aside, what was I expecting from this latest Jame Bond flick?  Well following the rather impressive Casino Royale and the new direction the franchise had taken with the hard-as-nails Daniel Craig defying all expectations and turning out to be the best Bond (yet) – Its easy to say I went into this expecting something damn good.  Even the slightly off-target opening song couldn’t put me off.  So cue car chases, gun fights, lots of smacking of bad guys in the mush and beautiful Bond girls.  But do you know what?  The story is so reliant on having an a-z knowledge of Casino Royale that even this viewer who had not seen the last film since its cinema release, was nearly entirely lost through the running of the film. 

Ok, we have a boo-hiss villain in the shape of French actor Mathieu Amalric, and he’s a well rounded, decent character and a step up from the one-note scuz-ball from Royale…Judi Dench as Bond’s boss ‘M’ steals the show every time she’s on screen (as so she should!), and the action each time its blasted on the screen is eye-meltingly well done and a serious shot to the adrenaline gland.  So why make it so complicated and at the same time, so vague?  This Quantum organisation is only briefly mentioned, making it about as foreboding as Postman Pat, and the villains main evil scheme just sparks of ‘is that it?’ compared to the diabolical plans of Bond villains from the past.  But never mind all that – here’s another action scene!  Really…how long did this one take to write?  One major plus is the amount of believable emotion conveyed here as in Casino Royale and shows how well the new style is working, making Bond a more believable human being and his love-interests much more rounded (no pun intended).

So see it for the action.  See it for Daniel Craig.  But perhaps leave your brain on standby.

Verdict:  3 /5

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