One Missed Call

Viewed – 14 October 2008  DVD

Why oh why does Hollywood keep making these lame remakes of cult Japanese horror movies?  This one in question shows Angelina Jolie-wannabe Shannyn Sossamon as a student who becomes involved in a series of bizarre deaths all linked by phone calls that has the victim called prior to their impending doom showing their last words.

Creepy but ridiculous at the same time, but originally given the expert hand of Japanese director Takeshi Miike (Ichi The Killer, Audition), I imagine it made for chilling viewing – yet this limp remake, is both half-arsed in the creepiness and hasn’t the balls to go for the jugular – at any time really.  Shame as some of the effects, the general set up and some good ideas could have made this effective stuff – but an ending that just makes you say ‘so what?’ kind of causes the whole deal fall on its face.

I now hope to watch the original and be much more satisfied.

Verdict:  2 /5

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