What has happened to Winona Ryder?

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Craig, December 2010.

She was one of the coolest actors of the eighties.  She has a long list of acclaimed films.  Then after her light-fingered shop-lifting arrest her career plummeted.  She still remains a cult figure with stints on Saturday Night Live, various appearances in indie flicks…but her once mainstream blossoming career has hit the skids.  Her choice of roles is dubious to say the least, and in some ways I don’t think she’s really taking herself seriously anymore (having sex with a ventriloquists dummy in The Ten for example).  Where’s that knowingly off-centre charm we saw in Beatlejuice or Heathers?  Or the award winning talent from Little Women and Age Of Innocence?  To be truly honest the last decent film she made was Girl, Interrupted….and that was in 1999.

I hope her forthcoming appearance in the new big-budget Star Trek movie makes everyone sit up and remember just how relevant this hollywood beauty used to be – and playing the human mother of Spock is no basic cameo either.  In the mean time, she’s keeping herself in the public eye, and for better reasons than getting arrested.  A recent Skin Cancer ad campaign has her appearing naked for the first time.  Can’t argue with that.



She's got my vote!


12 thoughts on “What has happened to Winona Ryder?

  1. Yeah! What DID happen to her? She is ok to take a break. Yes, it’s been a few years, but still it’s ok.

    What I really wanna know is what happened to Emilio Estevez? Where the hell has HE been??


  2. I’m a bit young to remember Winona from the first time around, but it’s cool to see someone different from the many overly tanned, egomaniac, dull actresses out there at the moment. She has an unusual look – in a good way! I’ll look out for her from now on.


  3. well! friends this always happens to most of the stars due to the fact the limelight they have amongst there tunnel of showbiz industry.

    You got to look at what kind of family they were brought up from and if they were not, how edgy upbringing did they go abouts becoming what they are check out my own website, forum which is new and starting at the end of january about intresting talks about everything everyone wants to talk and communicate about subjects, mentor, experience, history, etc… kind rgds


  4. Nothing happened to her, she decided to keep a low profile after the shoplifiting issue, she said in an interview that she preferred to do smaller movies and that she doesn’t feel like making big films again. She’s sort of coming back in a way, she’s in Black Swan and The Dilemma in the following months which are two big films and will voice one of the main characters in Tim Burton’s upcoming Frankenweenie.So she’s not forgotten at all


    • When I wrote this post she was a little less spoken of than she has been recently, and I’m aware of her new roles and how she feels about her career. Still, I’ll always going to be a big fan though, and wish her every bit of luck for the future, personally and professionally.


  5. Eventually new or younger actresses will step in to take her niche. Eventually people will forget. Unfortunate. Prolly one of the most photogenic peoples in the world.


  6. Scorpio girl, I am sure prone to depression, being so emotional. I like that she is one of your favourite actresses, especially in the light of the fact that she is always so marginalised somewhat: her beauty and her acting. I adored her in ‘Heathers’, in ‘Little Women’ and in ‘Girl Interrupted’. It is so nice now to see her in ‘Black Swan’. I am always saying that had she been much younger, she would have been great in the role of Nina in ‘Black Swan’ )


  7. I think what happened to Winona is what happens to a lot of actors. She aged out of the darker ingenue-type roles for which she became famous but didn’t really age into anything, either. Ironically, time may have been a bit too kind to our little gamin. Only now, at 40, is she starting to look like a lady with some life experience, who has maybe had a few kids or a divorce or … um … a criminal record. The last decade would have been slow for her no matter what, though the shoplifting scandal certainly didn’t help. I think in the next ten years she’ll slowly and steadily start getting more mature roles and before we realize it, she’ll be ubiquitous again. She’s beautiful and talented and pretty smart. Why not?


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