Viewed – 04 September 2008  DVD

“Whatever!” Edition

Do you know what?  Its so refreshing to sit down and watch a teen comedy that is not entirely focused on toilet humour, swearing and sex.  This 1995 movie shows that a film about rich Beverly Hills brats can be both highly entertaining and memorable. 

Alicia Silverstone plays kind-hearted teen rich-kid Cher, amiably aided by her best friend Dion (Stacy Dash) and through the course of the film they are match making school teachers, making over the new kid (Brittany Murphy in her debut) and generally being nice people – again, a great change of pace.  Add to this everything from love & shopping to high school cliques and parties, fancy cars and even fancier fashions – and this just kept this viewer smiling.  This is of course all down to the infectiously appealing Silverstone who carries the film effortlessly and looks good enough to eat throughout (such a shame her own career hasn’t exactly blossomed since) and then there’s Bill Pope’s amazingly gorgeous cinematography, a knock out soundtrack (The Muff’s version of Kids In America is one of the best opening tunes in the history of cinema) – and seriously, whats not to like?


The film does have its own language that has become imitated over the years, to the point of nausea – and looking at it now some of the phrases sound very clichéd (‘Whatever’ being one of them, ‘As If’ being another), and anyone new to the world of Clueless may find some of the characters a touch annoying – and everyone is a tad self important and materialistic as well.  Yet for me, I love the innocence and that its all played out with maximum fun in mind.  No deep meaning or moral thinking – just great entertainment.

This re-released “Whatever!” Editon houses several documentaries but has no audio commentary and zero input from Alicia Silverstone – a real shame.  On a plus, the picture and sound are both faultless.

Verdict:  4 /5

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