Diary of the Dead

Viewed – 19 August 2008  DVD

George A Romero, the godfather of the zombie movie is back with his latest feet dragging opus in this documentary-style origin tale of the zombie apocalypse, almost as if his previous movies never happened. 

Taking its lead from movies like The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield this follows a group of film students who find themselves amidst of a zombie outbreak whilst filming their own horror movie.  This slow-burning series of events, done as if edited together from witnessed footage and narrated by one of the film students, is a fresh apporach to the genre but lacks some of the scares of the more famous films in the series like Dawn of the Dead and most notably Night of the Living Dead.  Yet the cast of unkowns are likable and convincing even if this overall concept keeps you wondering why everything is still being filmed and why they don’t just get the hell out of dodge…but then again one only has to look at the amateur footage captured during 9/11 to realise we will document the most harrowing of experiences rather than doing the more rational alternative.

Even though, I felt this film, whilst fascinating and with plenty of good moments lacked energy and thrill.  After watching the sublime Cloverfield this just felt a little amateurish.  Still a thought provoking oddity none the less thats worthy of your time.

Verdict:  3 /5

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