American Gangster revisited

I not long ago finished watching the extended cut of Ridley Scott’s rightly-acclaimed American Gangster, and although I see no point in calling this a review after already giving my opinion on the Theatrical version…I would like to add that I think this version, although long (I watched it in two sittings, one laaaate last night, the other this afternoon) is my preferred version, as it adds more flashbacks to Frank Lucas’ mentoring with his boss Bumpy Johnson, which I think add a whole lot to the movie – and overall I think I enjoyed the film more this time around. 


Both cuts don’t differ that much, so if all you have seen is the theatrical version, then thats all well and good and you’re not missing a great deal – but if you are approaching American Gangster for the first time, seek out the 2 disk special edition which has both cuts of the film…and make your own mind up.

My review of the Theatrical version.

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