Killing spreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes…I have died and gone to heaven.  Unreal Tournament III came out on Xbox 360 on Friday gone…and my initial response – gimme gimme gimme!

This game totally owns online, and is ALMOST as brilliant offline, especially as you can recreate the online ‘experience’ with bots!  SPIN ON THAT HALO 3, CALL OF DUTY 4!

Ok…calm down Craig.  Ahem.  Right.  At its core, UT3 is all about running around with a big f*** O** gun and trying and kill as many of your fellow players (or bots) as possible in the time limit.  Oh yes…this superb looking game uses Gears Of War & Bioshock’s UNREAL 3 engine to the max – and it seriously bleeds the retina.  This is one sweet looking game.  Oh and fans of Halo and Call Of Duty 4, this is WAAAY faster and more intense.  I get tons more kills in this game than I could ever hope for in the other games…and I’m not even as good as some guys.  Hey, as long as I get some satisfying kills in there…I’m happy.  🙂

Put it this way…if you are even mildly attracted to FUN – u so need to own this game….or if u haven’t played death-match nuttiness before – perhaps rent it first…but u wont regret it!  BEST ONLINE SHOOTER ON 360 BY FAR.

UPDATE (12/07/2008):

Having played UT3 for a few days now, I have come to the conclusion that is is more fun ONLINE than offline, as the BOTS just don’t have the unpredictability of human players, and I feel as a gamer more challenged each time I go online than otherwise.  One thing I have noticed this game doesn’t do as well as other 360 shooters like Halo or Call Of Duty is that it has no reward system, no medals and generally no sense of achievement beyond playing the game and trying to win.  You don’t progress in experience or receive perks or updated weapons…and that is where Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 still win out.  Shame as I’m sure any fans of this game would agree that some sort of achievement / medal / experience system would have launched UT3 into the stratosphere.  Still kicks ass anyway just for pure entertainment purposes.

Oh and I can’t get into Warfare or Capture the Flag.  I feel more at home on the straight forward death-match / team death-match maps.  Its just how I roll.  It puzzles me why we haven’t got a Vehicle death-match mode in there somewhere.  That would be awesome.

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