Make way for Big Red!

Hellboy 2 will be hitting cinemas in August , and just to get you all moist and excited, here’s the official poster, and a first opinion from my freinds at Empire Magezine.  CLICK HERE

Official website

A Guillermo Del Toro’s fan-site


2 thoughts on “Make way for Big Red!

  1. I saw the trailer for the first time when I went to see Get Smart, at first I thought it looked like something awesome! “From the creative director of Pan’s Labyrinth…” So I got pretty excited, then I found out it was just Hell Boy II. The problem with the movie for me is, I never liked Hell Boy, he looks silly, it is like, dare I say is, an off-brand version of the Hulk or any other rock crushing super hero. He just is not that cool in my opinion, the other creatures/monsters in the trailer looked much sweeter than Hell Boy himself. He looks to humanized/friendly to truly be a demon. Maybe it is just me, I rather go green and see the Hulk.


  2. Fair point. For me though, the pull of Hellboy is that Ron Perlman’s performance is very much Dirty Harry for the comic-book generation, and combined with director Guillermo Del Toro’s growing skill to craft stylish, well made films – this just can’t fail. Chris Hewitt’s reaction as shown on the link for Empire just cements my expectations.


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