Alone In The Dark

Ok, got this today…have played it for about 2 hours…and my opinion?

Lovely atmospheric graphics with the best fire effects I have yet seen in a game.  The controls as widely-reported are indeed clunky & over-complicated, but are by no means un-managable.  My real concern is in the game’s novelty (see: pointless) dvd-menu gimmick allowing you to ‘skip’ forward to later parts of the game – for no other reason than to ruin your experience.  Absolute idiocy.  I of course will not sucome to such temptation, as I have a feeling the game will be short enough without needing to fast-forward. 

Update (23/06/2008):

What this game does right:

Has some stunning-looking locations, especially interiors with beautiful lighting and very impressive particle & fire effects.

Plenty of atmosphere, with suitably movie-quality music and sound effects.

Not a bad story…some good voice acting.

Some good puzzles.

Disaster-movie ‘feel’ has been captured superbly…makes me think this would have been a better ‘disaster / survival’ game than a horror one.

What it does wrong:

I think the driving has only been put in this game, because everything these days has to have a vehicle bit – Haze, Halo, Half-Life 2 etc – kind of like how lots of movies have to have a twist these days.  Obviously the designers haven’t a clue how to impliment this idea well – hence a bug-ridden, terribly controlled nightmare.

Controls are too complicated – why?  There really is no excuse for this, but the d-pad quick sellect is a life-saver.

Bugs – obviously this game hasn’t been correctly play tested to iron this out.  Four years of development…tutt tutt.

Enemies can only be killed with fire – er, why?  to make the game more annoying?  Takes all the fun out of the combat and makes using items like swords, pipes etc pointless…and the use of flamable objects is just plain awkward in the middle of a fight, with limited health etc….grrr.


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