3:10 to Yuma

Viewed – 03 June 2008  DVD

I’ve not really been one for westerns, at least not the old John Wayne / Clint Eastwood stuff.  I even tried to watch The Wild Bunch and was bored to tears (almost).  Yet modern-made westerns such as Unforgiven and now this, certianly float my boat.

Of course it helps when you have two of the best actors in the buisness.  Christian Balle plays a down on his luck farmer who gets mixed up in the transportation of a wanted outlaw (Russell Crowe).  Desperate for money, Balle offers to help the good guys transport Crowe whilst fending off a ruthless gang that will stop at nothing to rescue their leader.

With a great classic-western feel, stand out performances (and a great cameo from screen legend Peter Fonda), this is an exciting adventure, with Russell Crowe stealing the show as the charismatic killer Ben Wade. 

If you like quality acting and some good action & drama, this really can’t help but impress.  The ending is superb.

Verdict:  4 /5

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