Viewed – 26 January 2008  DVD

After watching and loving Transformers, I admit to being rather impressed by young actor Shia LeBeouf, who seems to have the troubled nerd routine down to a fine art.  So picking this teen thriller up was a no brainer. 

It’s basically a riff on the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window, and has LeBouf as a troubled teenager under house arrest who thinks there’s a serial killer living across the road from him.  Add to this the fact he’s found himself as a Peeping Tom checking out the neighbours seriously sexy daughter, and much fun and tension ensue.  Soon he’s got his best friend involved in his stake out and catches the eye of said girl next door (likeable newcomer Sarah Roemer), and before long, these teen detectives are trying to unmask a possible homicidal maniac. 

The film neatly blends teen comedy with very adult thrills & shocks, and together we have a very entertaining and well-made movie, that throws us likable characters you genuinely feel concern for and a credible boo-hiss villain, even if nothing is ever really explained about him or his motives. 

Well worth a look.

 Verdict:  3 /5

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