A merry Christmas one and all!!

Well the big day has arrived, we’ve all been stressed out trapesing around shops wondering what to buy people.  Now it’s done, and we can sit back and vegitate in front of the TV, watching doom & gloom on the Soaps or festive films.   

I am well happy with what I have received this year, and also am pleased to say everyone seems pleased with what they have had off me.  Joy can be spread all round then!! xmasbabe.jpg

Here’s my prezzies I’ve had today, 25 December 2007!

Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)

The top rated game that was just begging to be played!  I will offer a full opinion on this modern day classic soon!

Blade Runner: Ultimate Collectors Edition

As previously mention – full review coming soon!

Heroes: Complete Season One

Now I haven’t watched even a minute of this acclaimed TV series, but after collecting The Sopranos on DVD – I think this is an obvious choice for my next obsession!

The Simpsons Movie

It’s Simpsons – whatever people think, its a must see!

Blood Diamond

A complete surprise, but Leonardo DiCaprio – one of my favourite actors – where can u go wrong?

Chris Moyales: The difficult Second Book

Now this was a surprise, but a welcome one and something I am looking forward to reading!

Stephen King Gift Set: Misery, Carrie, Pet Semetary

3 classics from the undisputed greatest horror writer of all time.  I also find his style very readable – this will be good!

and also clothes, deoderant, aftershave, general smellies – result!

So to conclude, thankyou to everyone for the wonderful presents, and I wish u all a wonderful Christmas!!!

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