Saw IV

Viewed – 30 October 2007  Cinema

Just in time for Halloween, I find myself sitting down to view the latest entry in my favourite horror franchise, SAW.  Now the previous three all scored admirably and as I wasn’t quite sure if a fourth film was really necessary, after viewing this I think the whole saga does need to finish now.  I hear there is a fifth entry on the cards though, and the ending here does hint at further continuation – yet I also feel anymore Saw is about to turn one of the freshest ideas in the genre, ultimately stale.

(Warning:  Spoilers!!  if not viewed past Saw films):  Jigsaw, the genuis killer who places his victims in elaborate traps in a hope to change their way of life by forcing them to face death – is dead, yet his games continue as a world wiery cop struggles to track down a missing detective before its too late.  What we have here also, apart from a new, complex game is an origins story, which is much needed and adds plenty to the previous films (something each sequel has done in some shape or form), but as a genius architect, Jigsaw’s reasons to become a maniacle psychopath aren’t entirely convincing.  Seeing Jigsaw’s more human side is engrossing none the less.  Add to this some clever traps, some teeth-gnashingly nasty gore (a blonde being scalped for example), and this still works – even if the twist that is par of the course with this franchise doesn’t have the massive wallop of the other films and even seems to be re-using old ideas.  That said this is still gut-churning, clever and mostly gripping – but by the end, I was even becoming bored with Jigsaw and wished that droning voice of his would just quit now – once and for all.

Verdict:  3 /5

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