Gaming highlights now to the end of the year

As a movie lover, I can also greatly appreciate the atmosphere and interactivity of a videogame, and can get a similar joy from following a story I feel more of a part of than just sitting and watching events unfold on screen (not that I am knocking that).  Between now and Xmas, there are some choice landmarks in gaming coming our way, be you a PS3, XBOX 360 or Nintendo Wii owner….behold!

(Note: release dates are based on UK release only)

SUPER PAPER MARIO  (released 14 September 2007)

Nintendo brings us a unique spin on their cherished platform heritage as pint-sized plumber Mario goes all RPG on us in this story heavy adventure that sees you playing across both 2D and 3D platforming worlds in hope of defeating a maniacle wizard.  So far this has been getting rave reviews across the board!

HALO 3  (released 26 September 2007)

Microsoft’s flagship game for the 360 arrives in late September following massive hype and record breaking pre-orders.  What I have seen so far looks a return to form for the franchise that stalled with Halo 2 being rushed and full of bugs.  Let’s all cross our fingers that this time the campaign matches the quality of the multiplayer!

HALF-LIFE 2: THE ORANGE BOX  (released 19 October 2007)

Acclaimed developer Valve bring us Christmas early in what hopes to be the best value gaming package ever released.  In the box we get the often regarded as best game ever made Half-Life 2, along with the acclaimed follow up Episode One and the hyped Episode Two, not to mention puzzle shooter Portal and online multiplayer-fest Team Fortress 2.  For me this is my big white hope for 2007!

METROID PRIME 3: CORRUPTION  (released 26 October 2007)

Nintendo’s iconic shooter-come-puzzle platformer is given a new lease of life thanks to the Wii’s unique motion sensitivity and series star Samus Aran is once again battling space pirates in an organic, eye catching alien world. What seperates Prime from your usual shooter experience is that everything just comes together so well, the atmospher, the graphics and the action. Bring it on!

ASSASSINS CREED  (released 30 November 2007)

Ubi Soft re-invent the Prince of Persia template with a medievil take on Hitman, with you as a mysterious assassin out to redeem himself.  Very cutting edge crowd dynamics, swordplay and most excting of all, the ability to climb, run and jump across a beautifully realised landscape.  Lets just hope it has the depth and story to go with the visuals!

SUPER MARIO GALAXY  (released 30 November 2007)

Mario returns in this highly anticipated platformer that has our iconic hero jumping from miniature planet to miniature planet in some of the most finely tuned platforming series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has ever designed.  Vibrant, stylish and unmissable Nintendo brilliance!!  The hit for Christmas?  Lets hope so.

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