Lost Highway

Viewed – 05 September 2007  DVD

Special edition

I promise this is the last bit of David Lynch appreciation for a while (after all this site is called The Movie Report not the Lynch Report…), but this is a personal fave of mine, and after the pleasant surprise of Mulholland Drive recently…well I just had to let you peeps know about this one.

Bill Pulman plays a jazz musician married to a sultry Patricia Arquette, who he seems very suspicious of, like he doesn’t trust her.  In classic Lynch style – nothing is clear, and all is eerie and down beat…until the arrival of a mysterious package on the door step of their house.  It transpires that someone has sent them a video tape showing the outside of their house being filmed…yet its not until a second tape shows the couple being filmed whilst they sleep that things take a chilling turn for the worst.  This is easily Lynch’s most unsettling film, and has a very bizarre twist half way through, but even though it does change the tone of the film dramatic, Lynch manages to cast a spell with use of fantastic nightmarish imagery, music and sound to create a cocktail of sensory overload that isn’t easily forgotten.  The star of the show here is definitely Arquette, as the sexy femme fatale who may be two different people (or maybe not) and gives an edgy, eye-opening performance that is very hypnotic (not to mention erotic).  Add to this a brilliantly creepy Robert Blake who may or may not be the devil incarnate, and Balthazar Getti as a mechanic mixed up with volatile gangster Robert Loggia – and really…this just keeps on giving.

This release is nicely packaged and has plenty of interviews, some decent menus and behind the scenes stuff that adds plenty of value for Lynch fans.

Verdict:  4 /5

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