At long last! A classic returns…


I recall really enjoying this rather sleazy horror film that had much in common with comedy / horror classic Re-Animator, and directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Jeffrey Combes and Barbara Crampton, the familiarity isn’t just down to the dabbling with science and ‘dead things’ subject matter.

I remember it having some nice, gooey effects, something to do with a ‘third eye’ popping out of Jeffrey Combes’ forehead and Barbara Crampton in a sexy dominatrix outfit(!).  Yet strangely, this has never been released on DVD, and apparently was heavily censored even back when I did see it (some ten or so years ago).

So news of a new, uncensored, restored Director’s Cut available on DVD in America has got my mouth watering.  Shame its not out for a little while longer.  I sense a pre-order!!!

Read more HERE

(thanx to for the gr8 news!)

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