Hostel Part II

Viewed – 03 July 2007  Cinema 

I had high hopes for this, the third film from maverick horror geek Eli Roth, and the follow up to an imaginative if under-realised torture / survival yarn that had one of the best concepts in horror for a long time.  That accomplished blend of everything us die-hard horror fans lust for pretty much delivered on all scales, even if it lacked a few brain cells during its closing moments.

So with the promise of a bigger budget, and publicity stills showing a women coated in blood and some promising teaser trailers – surely this could only top what Part 1 had promised?  So lets start with the story, again three friends, this time all women (ooh, imaginative!  Although initially I liked the idea), are back-packing in Slovakia and befriend a local model at an art class, and soon they arrive at the infamous Hostel, party into the wee small hours, then fall prey to the underground murder club that now seems to have a whispered, world-wide following.  This time we get to see much more about what the club is all about and how it works (including disturbing text-message auctions putting different people’s lives up to the highest bidder), and are also introduced to two business men thirsty for their first kill.  These two friends treat the prospect of paid freedom to torture and kill like visiting a brothel, and that brings home just how believable the idea is – you must ask yourself repeatedly, could this kind of place really exist?

Yet like I said, I had high hopes, and even though this does add more meat to the idea, and flesh it out, Roth still doesn’t seem to care about the little things…like plot, narrative or any sense of convincing behaviour – once again people act in ways you can’t even hope to believe, or things happen that have no real reason or sense other than to throw in another bit of gore or a punch-the-air payback!  Saying that, when asked to deliver the gore…he does have iron-clad balls especially in one sequence involving a strung upside-down, gagged and naked girl – oh my god!  Previously I had not seen anything even remotely as shocking as this outside of Italian or Japanese video nasties.  Hats off to you for that one, Eli – but answer me this?  Was you given a deal?  Did the studio allow this one sequence and tell you to tame the hell out of everything else?

So in the end, I think Eli Roth stumbled on one of the best ideas around – but now I believe, after watching this, he wasn’t the right man for the job.  He just hasn’t got what it takes to make this what it could have been.

Verdict:  2 /5

5 thoughts on “Hostel Part II

  1. I haven’t seen this yet. I will watch it when it comes out on dvd though. I love this genre. I have to say, I was disappointed in the first Hostel. It seemed to have gore for the sake of gore and nudity for the sake of nudity. I didn’t feel a lot of the shots were key to the story, which made it seem out of place and not necessary. It sounds like maybe the sequel is similar. The Saw series is amazing in my opinion. It seems Hostel has the potential to do the same thing but can’t quite get there.

    And I agree with you on your sentiments for why this movie is so scary. It is very believable that a place like this could exist. *shivers


  2. Hmmm…I agree with the Saw films!!! Can’t wait for Saw 4 although I am puzzled how it can even be, taking into consideration how Saw 3 ended.

    Check out my Horror Archive, and see if you agree with any of my other horror reviews.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Have you seen Touristas? It was decent, not outstanding or anything but an entertaining film. It was similar to Hostel in the fact that by the end of the film, you are convinced there are operations like that in foreign countries.

    I’ll definitely check out your other horror articles (and others as well). I spent a lot of time here last night, and actually had to force myself to stop commenting. I didn’t want to leave too many in one sitting, LOL … I liked your top films of the year so far and agreed with the ones I had seen on that list (the 3 in the horror genre).


  4. No, that one isn’t familair to me (but now I’m googling it!). I am a bit of a horror enthusiast on the quite, and usually try and see these on the cinema for maximum experience (I have a horror loving mate I go with!).

    Again thankyou for your continued interest in my site.


  5. I don’t like any of these horror movies like “HOSTEL” “SAW” etc..they make me sick because i know that there are really sick people that do those things i would do anything to hunt those people down and make them suffer for as long as they live……


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