The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Viewed – 02 April 2007  DVD

When I first heard they were doing a remake of one of the most notorious horror movies ever made, I was initially skeptical.  Then I saw the remake and was rather impressed…it was everything the original wasn’t – gore filled, stylish and well acted.  It even retained the original’s disturbing feel…so I had to tip my hat to it.

Now we have a prequel, telling the tale of the Hewitt family’s origins and especially how the infamous Leatherface came to be.  Though this is just briefly touched upon showing his birth, and before you can blink, he’s fully grown and mowing down teenagers again.  Yes this feels very familiar, and doesn’t really shed any more light upon the cannibilistic family or what made them ‘tick’.  Yet what we get is 90 or so minutes of well paced, well made horror that’s thoroughly nasty, unpleasant and graphic to the extreme.  The cast is mostly unknown except for Lee R Ermy (the psycho drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket) who delivers a powerhouse performance, and Fast & Furious’ Jordana Brewster, who is suitably gutsy and watchable.  So if you like your horror to leave a nasty taste and make you come away drained, then this is gonna work a treat.

This is the UNCUT version (the film is released on DVD in both Uncut and theatrical versions, although it puzzles me why anyone would want to see something thats had the censor’s scissors to it).  Both versions are selectable on the menu of the first DVD, which also houses a commentary.  I was also impressed to see a choice of 5.1 EX Dolby Digital and DTS ES soundtracks.  I only managed to experience the Dolby though, which still added tons to the overall viewing experience.  DVD 2 houses behind the scenes footage, galleries and a trailer.  Not too shabby really.

Verdict:  4 /5

1 thought on “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

  1. I enjoyed this film as well.

    I wish they would have dipped a bit more into his childhood. While they attempted to show how he became what he was in future films, it didn’t shed too much light on understanding the thought behind it in my opinion. So the film failed in understanding the character more, however it was still an entertaining and well done movie, if that makes sense at all.

    With movies like these, my husband and I enjoy going back and watching the original and then watching the new one. We are actually going to do that with The Hills Have Eyes. We are going to view the original one and then watch the newer sequal that just came out on DVD.


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