Mr & Mrs Smith – Definitive Edition

 Viewed – 07 April 2007  DVD

I reviewed this originally November of 2005, and it scored a very commendable 4.5 / 5 – making it an easy inclusion in my top ten for that year.  As we know this film is also famous for the break up of Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston’s relationship, and with the on-screen chemistry showcased here between Pitt and Angelina Jolie, its not hard to understand what happened off screen as well as before the cameras. 

This is probably the spiritual successor to James Cameron’s True Lies and makes for a great spy thriller with some great dialogue, memorable action sequences and a first-rate concept.  Yet naturally anyone familar with the film is wondering what would make this version a worthy addition to their DVD collection.  Well if you don’t already own the film, this is the version to get, mainly down to the deluxe packaging and wealth of extra features, including commentaries and plenty of making of, behind the scenes stuff deconstructing the movie in some engrossing featurettes.  Apparently though this is a director’s cut, and it has to be said I was left wondering exactly what differences there were between the two versions I had seen.  There’s probably a web page somewhere going into very-anal detail on two second bursts of additional violence and a blink and you miss it alternative camera angle – but overall this is still the quality offering we had from two summer’s ago, and on that reasoning alone, unless you already own it – this is essential.

Verdict:  4 /5

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