United 93

Viewed – March 31 2007  DVD

I watched the made-for-television version of the harrowing events of the ill-fated flight 93 on September 11 2001 a while back, and this tells the exact same turn of events but with more of a focus on the airline, military and passengers & crew inside the plane, leaving out any reactions from family or relatives who received those horrible phone calls moments before the tragic conclusion.  This very real portrayal of what happened; by Brit director Paul Greengrass still works very well and doesn’t shy away from the horror.  The things that went on during that morning still feel raw as you watch them unfold, and its tough stuff, especially in the closing moments.  Yet I also felt a little cheated, having already seen another version of this, that painted a much broader picture with more impact emotionally on myself that I was nearly brought to tears.  This didn’t quite do that for me and its documentary feel was almost annoying with little drama in the first half just lots of mingled voices giving me a headache.  Yes that’s how it was I suppose, but it was a little tedious until things started happening and the hijacking took place – then this film woke up, which I know sounds awful if you’re just waiting for the ‘action’, but that’s how it made me feel.  Good, well meaning and doesn’t glorify events, but doesn’t make for as good a film as Flight 93 did for TV.


Verdict: 3 /5 

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